Notary Dublin | Notary Services

  • Will travel to anywhere in the Dublin region.

  • Tom is also available outside office hours when necessary.

Our Notary services include:

  • Flexible services provided, not only out of hours but also as mobile notary travelling to the client when required.
  • Certification of documents copied from originals for example, passports, diplomas, degrees etc.
  • Powers of Attorney
    The Notary will need to satisfy himself that the Appearer fully understands the document to be notarised and that he/she has complete trust in the person to whom the Power is being given.
  • Draw up Powers of Attorney
  • Notarial Certificates
  • Certificates of Law
  • Adoption Documentation
  • Ships Protest
  • Protesting Bills of Exchange
  • Administer Oaths
  • Attest Signatures
  • Take Affirmations and Declarations including Statutory Declarations
  • Take Affidavits
  • Obtain Apostille from Department of Foreign Affairs
  • Legalisation of documents
  • Documents in a foreign language
    If the document to be notarised is in a foreign language it is essential that the Appearer should have the document translated by an official translator and have the content explained to him/her by someone they trust. The Appearer will be required to formally acknowledge, in writing, that he/she understands the content and nature of the document to be notarised.


  • A Notary is a public officer, empowered by law to Authenticate Documents. The position was constituted to serve the public, in non-contentious matters, usually concerned with foreign or international business.
  • The Acts of Notaries Public are recognised worldwide.
  • The office of Notaries Public dates back to the Roman times of Cicero and has great historical significance.
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